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Roger Technology BM30 - Sliding Gates Kit - 24v

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Product Overview:

KIT Electromechanical HIGH SPEED BRUSHLESS motor, low voltage, super intensive use, irreversible, ideal for sliding gates up to 400 kg with built-in digital controller B70 series, magnetic limit switch.

Key Features:

  • Sliding gates up to 400kg
  • Intensive use
  • Irreversible
  • High Speed
  • Magnetic Limit Switch


  • Max Gate Weight: Suitable for gates weighing up to 400 kg.
  • Power Line Supply: Requires a 230V AC power supply at 50Hz.
  • Motor Power Supply: Operates on a 24V system.
  • Power Rating: The motor has a power rating of 125W.
  • Frequency of Use: Designed for intensive use, indicating durability and reliability for frequent operations.
  • Thrust: Capable of generating a force between 50 to 350N.
  • Operating Temperature Range: Functional in a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to +55°C.
  • Protection Level: Rated IP44, providing protection against solid objects and splashing water.
  • Reductor Type: Irreversible, which typically means it has a self-locking mechanism to prevent the gate from being forced open.
  • Manoeuvre Speed: High-speed operation at 26 meters per minute (0.44 meters per second).
  • Limit Switch: Uses a magnetic system for accurate and reliable positioning.
  • Onboard Control Unit: Equipped with a B70/1DC controller.
  • Encoder: Features a digital native encoder with magnetic digital SENSORED technology, offering high resolution of 4096 PPR (Pulses Per Revolution).
  • Type Exit Gear: Comes with a Z15/mod 4 exit gear.
  • Operating Cycles per Day: Can handle up to 500 cycles of opening and closing in a 24-hour period without stopping.
  • Product Dimensions: Measures 250 x 165 x 290 mm (Length x Width x Height).
  • Product Weight: The packed product weighs approximately 11.6 kg.

This system is well-suited for residential or commercial properties where a durable, reliable, and fast-operating gate system is required.

What's in the box:

  • BM30/304/HS: This is an electromechanical HIGH SPEED BRUSHLESS motor designed for super intensive use. It's irreversible and ideal for sliding gates weighing up to 400 kg. The motor comes with a built-in digital controller from the B70 series and features a magnetic limit switch.
  • H93/RX20/I: A plug-in receiver with a fixed code, offering 2 channels at a frequency of 433.92 MHz. It's capable of storing up to 50 codes and is compatible with control unit series H70, B70, EDGE, and CTRL.
  • SYNUS/2: This is a dual code transmitter which can operate in either fixed code or rolling code modality. It operates at a frequency of 433.92 MHz, has 2 channels, and comes with radio for copy functionality.
  • R90/F4ES: A pair of external photocells that are synchronized and operate at 24V AC/DC. The system can support a maximum of 4 pairs of these photocells.
  • FIFTHY/24: An LED flashing light from the FIFTHY series, operating at 24V and featuring an integrated antenna. This is typically used for signaling purposes in gate operations.
  • R99/C/001: A signboard indicating "Automatic Opening," which is usually placed near the gate for safety and informational purposes.


Standard Accessories:

    • KT223: Fixing plate with stay bolts and screws for M30 series.
    • MC775: Magnetic limit switch kit for control units H70/103AC, H70/104AC, B70/1DC, B70/1DCHP.

Other Accessories:

    • GA550: Galvanised steel rack, 22x22x1000, module 4.
    • GA551: Galvanised steel rack, 30x12x1000, module 4, with spacers and screws.
    • GA554: Pocket of 6 spacers (2.5 cm) and screws.
    • KT220: Raised fixing plate for M30 series, with an increase of 3 cm.
    • GA557: Roger Technology nylon rack, module 4 with 6 connectors, length 1000mm.
    • B71/PBX24/BOX: Hybrid inverter, “Network Assisted” version, for powering the automation and battery-charging, suitable for 24V DC brushless digital controllers with a 230V AC mains voltage.
    • B71/PBX24/BOX/115: Hybrid inverter, similar to B71/PBX24/BOX, but for a 115V AC mains voltage.
    • B71/PBX/BOX: Hybrid inverter, “Full Solar” version, for powering the automation and battery-charging through solar panels, for brushless digital controllers.

For further inquiries or additional information regarding this product, please contact us through our inquiry form.

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