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Roger Technology BG30 Brushless Sliding Gate Motor | 36v | Up to 2200kg

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Product Overview:

Electromechanical BRUSHLESS 36v motor, low voltage, super intensive use, with native encoder onboard, with built-in digital controller B70 series, with magnetic limit switch.

Ideal for sliding gates up to:

  • 1000 kg (BG30/1004/HS) - High Speed
  • 1400 kg (BG30/1404/R) - Reversible
  • 1500 kg (BG30/1504/HS) - High Speed
  • 1600 kg (BG30/1604)
  • 1800 kg (BG30/1804/HS) - High Speed
  • 2200 kg (BG30/2204)

** Reversible Motors **

Roger Technology reversible motors lock in the open and closed position while the power is on but unlock as the power goes off.

This feature is useful if you need an emergency free exit in the event of a power cut.

Other brands' reversible motors are always unlocked and require an electric lock in the open and closed positions.

Key Features:

  • Brushless
  • Super intensive use
  • With magnetic limit switch
  • Available in high speed edition (depending on the chosen option)
  • Available in reversible edition (depending on the chosen option)


Specification BG30/1004/HS BG30/1404/R BG30/1504/HS BG30/1604 BG30/1804/HS BG30/2204
Max gate weight (kg) 1000 1400 1500 1600 1800 2200
Power line supply 230V AC - 50Hz
Motor power supply 36V
Power rating (W) 590 540 650 390 650 470
Frequency of use Intensive use
Thrust (N) 50 - 800 50 - 600 50 - 1000 50 - 1200 50 - 1250 50 - 1700
Operating temperature (°C) -20 to +55
Protection level IP44
Reductor Type Irreversible
Manoeuvre speed (m/min) 20 (0.33) 17 (0.28) 25 (0.42) 12 (0.20) 18 (0.30) 12 (0.16)
Limit switch Magnetic
Onboard control unit B70/1DCHP
Encoder Digital native encoder + magnetic digital SENSORED, 4096 PPR
Batteries recovery Optional 2 external battery 12V 4,5AH
Type exit gear Z17/mod 4 Z17/mod 4 Z20/mod 4 Z17/mod 4 Z17/mod 4 Z17/mod 4
Operating cycles per day (opening/closing - 24 hours no stop) 800 800 800 1000 800 1000
Maximum dimension product (L x W x H in mm) 350 x 220 x 380


Standard Accessories:
  • KT215: Fixing plate for G30 series.
  • MC775: Magnetic limit switch kit for control units H70/103AC, H70/104AC, B70/1DC, B70.
Other Accessories:

  • GA550: Galvanised steel rack, module 4.
  • GA551: Galvanised steel rack with spacers and screws, module 4.
  • GA554: Spacer and screw packet.
  • KT222: Raised fixing plate for G30 series.
  • R99/C/001: Signboard "Automatic Opening".
  • B71/BCHP/EXT: Emergency battery charger kit for EDGE1/BOX, B70/1DCHP.
  • B71/BCHP/BOX: Emergency battery charger kit for EDGE1/BOX, B70/1DCHP, without batteries.
  • LT328: Pinion Z17 for R30, G30, E30 series.
  • LT331: Pinion Z11 for G30, BG30 series.
  • GA557: Nylon rack with connectors, module 4.
  • B74/BCONNECT: Wi-Fi module for remote management.
  • R99/C/001AL: Aluminium "Automatic Opening" signboard.
  • B71/PBX36/BOX/115: Hybrid inverter for 36V DC, 115V AC.
  • B71/PBX36/BOX: Hybrid inverter for 36V DC, 230V AC.
  • B71/PBX/BOX: Hybrid inverter, solar version for brushless digital controllers.
  • GA558: Nylon rack, module 6 with connectors.
  • MC783: Increased magnets for magnetic limit switch.
  • HT421: External battery box for BT12V45, BT12V70, BT12V120.

For further inquiries or additional information regarding this product, please contact us through our inquiry form.

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